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Friday, March 31, 2006

Wondering openly....

Never mind the Dixon threat. Cantwell's own base of support in Seattle is openly wondering if she recognizes how precarious her support is. As The Stranger noted a few weeks ago, "Gregoire famously took the liberal wing of her party for granted (75,135 people in King County who voted for John Kerry did not vote for Gregoire), and was nearly embarrassed by a slick, soft-focus businessman. Quick, can you think of a similar GOP candidate?"

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Progressive attack on Aaron Dixon mounts

Citing to several reasons, including failure to register to vote, an unfinished divorce, several unpaid traffic tickets and a criminal record, the Northwest Progressive Institute asserts Aaron Dixon is unqualified for public office. One comment suggested that the Greens now have their own Will Baker.

The only legal qualification for office is an active voter registration. The rest of Aaron's history will certainly affect his level of voter support, but it does not make him unqualified. More important, Mr. Dixon's history really only matters if he wins, and nobody except Mr. Dixon himself has suggested he has even a ghost of a chance to win.

What the progressives are really worried about is that Dixon could peel off enough votes from the Maria Cantwell column to make Mike McGavick the winner. Thus, for all of the progressive's wailing and tearing of shirts about the Democratic Party's rightward drift the progressives still think a Democrat is better than a Republican.

If they knew their history they might think otherwise. Teddy Roosevelt was a progressive. Nelson Rockefeller, while not a true progressive, was still to the left of several sitting Democrats. I will leave it to someone else to determine where McGavick falls on the spectrum.

But the point is, and the progressives know this intuitively, that settling for the lesser of two evils is still evil.

The fact is, if third party sympathizers are going to let the "wasted vote" myth dictate their voting decisions, there really is no point for third parties to exist at all. They must come to recognize, and accept, that taking out a centrist candidate is a necessary hazard to moving political discourse in the direction favored by that third party.

Let's get real. We all know Dixon doesn't have a prayer to come out on top of this race. What the progressives have to decide is whether they are willing to sacrifice Maria Cantwell to the greater goal of becoming relevant.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Ds circle the wagons

While Joel Connelly rushes to Cantwell's defense over the Garfield High debacle, Neil Modie mounts an attack on Green Party Senate candidate Aaron Dixon and progressive activist Geov Parrish reports on the internal controversy Dixon's candidacy has caused among the progressives.

There is nothing new about bashing third party candidates. But I'm sure many voters are wondering, if Cantwell can't handle a ragtag bunch of protesters what is she doing in the Senate anyway?

Thursday, March 23, 2006

How badly does Maria need Seattle?

This must be the question bouncing around the Cantwell camp after her embarassing outing this past weekend at Garfield High School. When faced with a small group of anti-war protesters, Cantwell shrunk from the occasion, and Ron Sims had to come to the rescue.

Uh oh!